The President is responsible for the meetings of the Association, including developing the agenda and program, arranging the meeting location, and publicity. The President officiates at all meetings. The President also communicates the Association’s positions on library and campus issues in appropriate forums outside the library, although s/he may choose a designate for such a role if necessary.

The Past President is responsible for serving as a mentor to the President; attending LAMP meetings as an LFA representative and reporting back to the LFA president and members as is relevant; chairing the President nomination committee.

The Seminar Series/Research Presentation Coordinator has overall responsibility for programming, publicity and site arrangements for the seminar series and research presentations.

The Research and Writing Coordinator acts as a liaison between those needing advice and critique and those capable of giving it. The Research and Writing Coordinator arranges for meetings.

The Mentoring Program Coordinator oversees the process and assessment of the LFA Mentoring Program.

The LFA Scholarship Coordinator is responsible to 

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for: