• Summary of Digitization & Metadata Creation Prices
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Oregon State University Libraries
Digital Library Production Services
Digital Production Unit Prices

Contact: Michael Boock (541-737-9155; michael.boock@oregonstate.edu)


All rates are negotiable. The libraries may digitize resources that meet its collection development criteria for free.


Materials Prep




Physical Prep for Bound Journals (includes debinding if necessary)



Physical Prep for Bound Theses (includes debinding if necessary)






Other Physical Prep





Digital Scanning - In-House



    Sheetfed Scanner




Per Page Image (Bitonal)



Per Page Image (Greyscale)



Per Page Image (Color)


   BookEye Scanner




Per Page Image (Bitonal)



Per Page Image (Greyscale)



Per Page Image (Color)







$0.01/sq. in.

Vendor Outsourced Digitization




These items will be digitized and billed on a cost recovery basis times 1.3% to internal customers


Photographic Preservation and Digitization




Color Flatbed Scanning



Regular per image



Complex per image (Imaging requiring repair, treatment, color correction, etc.)



Oversized per image (Greater than 8.5 x 11 (e.g. maps))






OCR Conversion Cost (per page)


PDF Conversion




Batch Conversion Setup Cost



Conversion Cost (per page)





CD with copies of digital files






Metadata Creation (includes submission to SA)




Per Item (Basic - metadata transcription only)



Per Item (Basic - author, title, keywords, date, publisher, citation)



Per Item (Advanced - geocoding)



Per Item (Advanced - Library of Congress Subject Headings or equivalent subject thesaurus)


*These prices apply for standard digitization work. There may be additional costs depending on the type and condition of materials to be digitized. If you are interested in having the Libraries host the digitized resource on a server and/or having it cataloged, additional costs would apply.

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