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Most content deposited to ScholarsArchive@OSU is textual in nature: theses and dissertations, research articles, presentations, technical reports, conference proceedings, posters, etc. The PDF file format is required for this content. PDF/A-1 -- ISO 19005-1 (.pdf) is preferred and PDF with fonts embedded (.pdf) is acceptable. PDF without fonts embedded is also acceptable but not recommended. To save a Microsoft word document as a PDF with fonts embedded, follow these simple instructions:

For other resource types, consult the ScholarsArchive@OSU Preferred File Formats document:


A baseline and minimal set of descriptive metadata is defined for each type of work to be deposited in ScholarsArchive@OSU; these definitions are made accessible to depositing scholars. Use of the required metadata elements will facilitate user access to archived works and provide the information needed to support ongoing access rights management and preservation activities. OSU digital repository staff may edit user-submitted metadata in order to correct or normalize values, to make updates in keeping with changing metadata standards, or to enhance descriptions for greater discoverability.