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Workplan Outline for Digital Library Service Registry Workshop

The workplan is intended to outline a set of deliverables, which will define a series of activities,  and a timeline for initiating the activities and producing the deliverables.

Revised Workplan
NOTE: Make sure there are recommendations in each section which recommends doing stuff (IV - VIII)
NOTE: Make sure we identify how we disseminate the information out

I. Problem Statement (IMPORTANT)

  • Stimulate meaningful thought about the problem
  • Relate to NSDL and in general sense
  • Audience

II. Landscaping

  • What has already been done

III. How to think about the problem - strategies for action

IV. Services utilizing a Digital Library Service Registry

  • Use cases
  • Analysis of use cases (looking at the questions associated with each use case, gaps)

V. Building of initial registry-aware applications (stitching together some initial services) (short-term)

  • Development
  • Analysis of application implementation
  • New Use Cases

VI. Report of Landscape of Issues

VII. Standard Service Registry Actions (Developing an information and action model for regisitries)

  • What are the information objects in a service registry?
  • What are the types of things you can do with those information objects?

VIII. Implementor's Workshop

  • Provide formal framework for implementations

IX. What's Next (ex. Developing based on formal model, experiments, etc.)

X. Timeline

XI. Recommendations for Funding