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Wednesday, February 15

  • Total Eclipse Of My Brain (Ed Summers)
  • Link PURLs and Firefox (Devon Smith)
  • Call to Action: Deprecate OAI Sets! (Rob Sanderson)
  • integrating more cowbell into your library offerings (Ryan Eby)
  • cross-site scripting attacks (Eric Hellman)
  • Object Relational Mapping in 21 days^W^W 5 minutes (Ed Summers)
  • the amazing Linkr8r 3 min (Charles Lockwood)
  • Making the case for Link Resolver Routers (Ross Singer)
  • Down and Dirty Metadata Analysis (Roy Tennant)

Thursday, February 16

  • LinkPURLs and Firefox (Devon Smith)
  • xISBN and Bookmarklets (Jeff Young)
  • (Vendors - ) Give us Our Data! (Aaron Krowne)
  • How to Share User Data without getting Subpoenaed (Casey Durfee)
  • Repurpose/Syndication of Scopus DB Results on Library Webpages (Jim Robertson)
  • Perl Script for Interpreting LC Call Numbers (Jeff Davis)
  • OCLC License (Thom Hickey)
  • Google Maps and SVG (Art Rhyno)
  • Extending and Customizing Moveable Type for Library Weblogs (Karen Coombs)
  • The COinS Generator (Eric Hellman)
  • Standardized Image Production and Metadata Storage for Libraries and Archives (John Sarnowski)
  • Using heuristics to improve OpenURL linking to OPAC holdings (Tom Burton-West)
  • Spreading the word about code for libraries: a book project (Mark Dahl)
  • Backend Agnostic Customization with "brand files" (Brian Tingle)
  • MARC is UNdead or how what will the catalog look like when most resources are electronic? (Kyle Banerjee)
  • Exposing yourself^W^W data where users are looking (Walter Lewis)
  • EOIN & Oddments (Noel Peden)
  • PLINKIT - websites for the small public library (Darci Hanning)
  • Quick Look at MarcEdit 5.0 (Terry Reese)
  • Why Libraries Should Support the Free Software Foundation (Dan Chudnov)

Friday, February 17

  • Native XML Database Demo (Al Cornish)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Conference (Devon Smith)
  • OCLC Software Contest (Thom Hickey)
  • Panizzi!! (no kidding)
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