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This is the home page for the Test Sandbox space.
Feel free to test out the wiki, add pages, upload files, etc. Note: This is a test area, and the wiki may get weeded, removed, etc., so don't do anything permanent here!

The WIC staff and friends will be constructing and editing a web page on the WIC wiki. I am trying some of the notations on the right on this text, but the changes are not happening. I just tried updating to see if the changes happened then, but nothing did. I guess I'm doing something wrong.

OK. Here is what I figured out. After I mark the text with the notations on the right, then I go to Preview, and the changes show up. Then I hit Confirm, and the text is changed on the home page but not on the editing page.

Now I'm wondering how we will use this for editing a multi-level web page. If we want our Word documents to appear in a page to be edited, how do we do that?

Type some stuff

You can just add some stuff, even in bold (thumbs up) s

Hello, Margaret, Carol, and Sue!

Greetings, All! Let me change the Web with wikis!

here I am typing on a wiki sandbox desparate to get my project done. (thumbs up) s

Interesting, this new wysiwyg interface.
Greetings to the last class on wikis!
Kevin's Page


Test New Page

blah blah blah

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