• VR Login Logout Procedures
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Step by step instructions of how to login and logout when monitoring virtual reference:

LOGIN (to start your shift)
1. Go to http://oregon.virtualreference.net/
2. Type username and password (See attached file for usernames and passwords). This logs you into the Main Page.
3. Click Session Inbox (upper left-hand corner of page)
4. Move Valley Library from the left box to the right box by clicking on Valley Library and hitting the top arrow button in between the two boxes.
5. Click Submit. Now you are monitoring the virtual reference service for OSU.

Be sure to check the settings of the software by clicking on settings (button found on the right-hand side of the page) and making sure that one or both of the mechanisms for notifying you that someone is there are selected (pop to front or play a sound). If you chose play a sound, make sure the computer you are using has speakers or you are using headphones. Be sure to hit the OK button to save the settings.

LOGOUT (to end your shift)
1. Click the Logout button on the top of the web page. You will no longer be monitoring the service.
2. Click the Login link at the bottom of the Main Page to logout of your account.

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