(This is the text of an open letter posted to the OSULP website on November 23, 2016 in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election.)

The OSU Libraries and Press Library Faculty and Staff would like to echo the statement made by the OSU Faculty Senate:

"In the wake of Tuesday’s historic election, many OSU community members have expressed fear for their own or others’ rights, safety, and wellbeing. The faculty of Oregon State University at this moment reaffirms our commitment to “uplift the dignity of those with whom we interact,” to “create a nurturing campus community,” and to build a “just, inclusive, and equitable campus.” We rededicate ourselves to preparing students to engage constructively in an increasingly diverse and complex society by teaching empirical, ethical, and critical reasoning, appreciation of multiple perspectives, and social and environmental responsibility."

OSU Libraries and Press remains committed to our core values including:

  • Access: We endorse and advocate the open exchange of information.  
  • Civility: We create safe environments for discourse within our community. 
  • Diversity: We recognize, promote, and value the differences within our organization and community.

We continually strive to demonstrate these values to our students, staff, and faculty and promise that OSU Libraries will continue to provide a space for intellectual exploration, critical questioning, privacy protection, and physical sanctuary. 



Amila Hadziomerspahic

Anne Bahde      

Anne-Marie Deitering   

April Zeller        

Beth Filar Williams

Bonnie Avery    

Brian E. Davis

Brooke Robertshaw

Bryan Feyerherm           

Cheryl Middleton           

Chris Petersen  

Clara Llebot       

Dan Moore       

Daniel Moret    

Don Frier           

Elizabeth Nielsen           

Emma Kridler    

Erin Clark           

Erin McCaslin Kooyman

Faye A. Chadwell

Gregorio Luis Ramirez

Hannah Gascho Rempel

Hui Zhang          

James C. Rankin

Jane Nichols      

Josh Gum          

Judy Mullen      

Kaitlyn Wittig Mengüç

Kelly Holcomb  

Kelly McElroy   

Kerri Goergen-Doll        

Laurie Bridges  

Lawrence A. Landis

Lindsay Marlow

Lori Hilterbrand

Marc G. Rempel

Margaret Mellinger       

Margarita Zamora-Saunders      

Mary Markland

Melissa Hartley

Michael Boock  

Michaela Willi Hooper

Micki Reaman  

Mike Eaton       

Natalia Fernández         

Rachael Davis   

Richard Sapon-White    

Rima S. Reves

Sami Kerzel

Sarah Schuck    

Steve Van Tuyl

Susan Hoyt        

Tom Booth        

Uta Hussong-Christian  

Valery King

Victoria Heiduschke       

 **posted by Hannah Gascho Rempel, 2016-2017 LFA President

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