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Special Group Access to Library Computers

Program, Workshop, or Seminar

The Valley Library offers public access to online library resources (the library catalog, article databases and electronic journals) and the Web via eight Express Station computer workstations. Computer use is limited to 1 hour when others are waiting. All other workstations in the Library's Learning Commons are limited to OSU users with ONID (university) accounts.

We recognize that often the University sponsors events (eg, programs, workshops, and seminars) where the participants do not have ONID accounts, but have a legitimate research need requiring access to the library research databases and e-journals beyond  what the Express Stations can offer. For these participants, the Library can create a special login to use on library computers to allow them access to most of the library's online resources for the duration of the event.

An alternative, which would allow access to library databases and may be more viable for your group, is a "Conference wireless account." For official OSU events, departments may register for a $15 fee per event, charged to a departmental index code. There is a new automated process for registering conference accounts here:  (ONID authorization required)


-         The event must be sponsored by an OSU college or department.

-         Participants require access to electronic library resources for legitimate research needs.

-         Participants are not eligible for ONID accounts.


Contact the library at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your event. You may contact either Victoria Heiduschke, the Learning Commons coordinator ( or your college/department's subject librarian (

Provide the following information:

-         Name of your program, workshop, or seminar

-         Inclusive dates of your program

-         Number of participants

-         Brief explanation of the reason your group needs access to electronic library resources beyond Express Station access

-         The contact information of the responsible party in the college or department

Please read and have your participants read the Acceptable Use Guidelines for OSU Libraries Computers,

The Library staff will create a username and password for your group that you can give to them. It will be good for the duration of your event and then expire. Please share this username and password only with registered participants. It will allow access to any of the computers in the Library Learning Commons (main floor of the Valley Library). It cannot be used for remote access (ie, outside the Library).


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