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Electronic Journals
Finding books/OSU Libraries catalog
Finding electronic books
Google Scholar
Interlibrary Loan/Borrowing from other libraries
Articles/Searching for articles on a topic
Citing sources/Style guides
Staying current
Library catalog/Summit/Worldcat
Evaluating sources
Finding full-text

Assignments Due August 16th

Review of people's modules Due August 18th


  • Electronic Journals - done
  • Finding books at OSU (i.e. - using Summon) - done (Would it be better to create an LALC page than a tutorial? SB - done, hgr)
  • Finding electronic books - done
  • Finding books - generic (Existing global module - review) - it's good, just rename private title to reflect that this is an overview of how to search library catalogs, with additional info on keyword and subject heading searches (The how? may need to be redone-SB)


  • Google Scholar - done. There needs to be one about using the results though - what to do when there isn't access, or the "citation only" links, etc (Instead of it all ina module, can we link out to a guide about setting preferences etc?).
  • Google Scholar Widget (searchbox) (Existing global module - review) - this one is good.
  • Interlibrary Loan/Borrowing from other libraries - Loretta's "Borrowing from other libraries" module is succinct and widely used.
  • Searching Google Scholar (no searchbox) (Existing global module - review) - this one is only an explanation of how to set preferences to find OSU Libraries content. It should be renamed to reflect that & perhaps tweaked a bit. Another module on searching GS needs to be created - probably the GS one on my list. (There's one at that might be good - SB)(It's a good start, but there are so many new options for searching GS that have launched in the last 6 months or so, I think a searching GS module should have those?)


  • Plagiarism-ready for review--which "tips" pages do we want to link to? (There is also the palgiarism court tutorial that's pretty good) Have linked to this and added a little description.
  • Articles/Searching for articles on a topic - Turn into tutorial
  • Keep up with Research-ready for review--workshops for Grad & Faculty...what about undergrads, everyone else? hgr - the link for the schedule is an outdated one (and will hopefully die in the keep/kill process), here's the correct one,, faculty are always welcome to any of these, not sure what to say about undergrads without a lengthy explanation. (Do we have any specifically for undergrads?-SB)


  • *Library catalog/Summit/Worldcat (based on\* (*)

OSU Libraries Catalog <>
The OSU catalog lists all the books held in the OSU Libraries.
Summit <>
The Summit catalog lists books at other regional libraries that can be retrieved for you and delivered within 3-5 business days, free of charge. If the OSU Libraries do not own an item, use Summit. - hgr - don't we include an Idaho library now too?(smile)   I might ditch the last sentence, it feels a little redundant (and is lacking a period).
WorldCat <>
WorldCat lists books that are available at other libraries in the United States, and sometimes in other countries. If you find a book you want, and it is not listed in the OSU Libraries catalog or the Summit catalog, you can request the book by clicking on the Request from Interlibrary Loan button in the Summit/WorldCat catalog. This service usually takes 2-3 weeks.
<Here's how>

  • Summit

Summit/WorldCat Catalog: Searches Oregon/Washington libraries and libraries throughout the world. Use Summit/Worldcat to locate books the OSU Libraries do not own. Summit books take 3 business days to get to OSU. Just click the Request from Summit button.  If Summit doesn't have it, we can get it from another library-just click the Request from Interlibrary Loan button. Summit requests generally arrive within 3 working days; ILL often takes longer, so use Summit first
<Here's how>

  • OSU Dissertations and thesis (searchbox) (Existing global module - review)

Search online dissertations and thesis done at OSU.
For thesis and dissertations not yet digitized, search the <OSU Libraries Catalog>

Not everything you find will be of high quality or appropriate to your topic. You need to carefully evaluate your sources before incorporating them into your research. Ask yourself some questions:
•    Is the article peer reviewed (also called refereed?)
•    Is there an author listed as part of the citation? What is the authority of the author and source? Is the author an expert? Does s/he work for a reputable university or organization?
•    Are there biases in the publication?
•    Judge the relevance to your subject and the discipline.

hgr - I think we should say Does OSU Libraries own the journal, rather than The Valley Library


  • Peer-review
  • Finding full-text - hgr - this needs to be lots shorter, perhaps just a quick pointer to 1Search and directions on how to use the article facet? (This should be a tutorial-SB)
  • Primary sources (Existing global module - review)
  • Citing sources/Style guides - hgr- fix headings, weird white space thing going on, I'm not sure that citation managers info belongs here, in an effort to make it shorter, I would ditch the general section and the legal section, and for the CBE link, I would link to this instead as the Name Year convention is more commonly used, also I would only have "global" appear in the private module name (Or at least put these in order of high to low use. Citations managers coul dbe a separate moduele that we link to. Something may already exist-SB)
    -also, maybe we just want a "citation tools" module with links to helpful resources
  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary - hgr - while I like the table of examples, I think this should be linked out to, perhaps in a tutorial to shorten this module up, the additional guides from other schools could possibly go on this linked out page as well (Agreed. The tables could be a pdf that links off this module for a quick guide-SB)

Best Practices Resources check the sources and further resources tab for a paper detailing the best practices for subject guides

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